Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Reese's Sixth Birthday

I have never met a kid who gets as excited about their birthday as Reese does.  She actually made a video for me planning out her day in advance so that I would know what she wanted to do.  This included her menu for the day so I could shop.  Not even kidding.

Brian stopped at Party City for Frozen decorations, and I found a banner in our birthday supply box.  She loves to see decorations out "just for her."

 She also has the BEST reactions to gifts. She doesn't say anything until every piece of paper is off of the package (even if she can see what it is). Then she gets really excited, and runs and hugs the gift giver.
 Wearing pajama pants with nightgowns is her new thing.  And they don't match.

She loved the Palace Pet collection that Wyatt chose for her!

 Reese wrote thank you notes for her gifts the night BEFORE her birthday.  Even Finley is shocked by her prompt acknowledgment of gifts.
 Derek and Sophie were hanging out with Mimi for the day, so Reese suggested that we move her "pizza lunch" to Mimi's so she could share lunch and cupcakes with them.
 Finley was a big fan of that idea!  She loves a cupcake!
 Reese had tee ball practice, and then we went to her requested dinner at the "place with peanuts and mac and cheese," known to most people as Texas Roadhouse.  Then we had cake and ice cream!
 She walked around all day shouting, "I can't believe it's my BIRTHDAY!  I'm six!"

Happy Birthday, Reesie!  We love you so much!

As Daddy said,
Six years ago I had no idea what to do with a little girl. 

Six years later, I don't know what I would do without her. My Reesie is quite simply the most well rounded person I have ever met. Smart, funny, beautiful, loving and caring - great words that don't even begin to do her justice. My world is a better place because of her.

Happy 6th Birthday Reese!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Reese is going to be six years old on Monday!  It's hard to believe that six years ago she was here:

On Cpap before being placed on the vent, having to wait a week to hold her and feed her, and waiting 11 days to bring her home.
 To her first birthday smiles.
 To her second birthday, when she may have talked more than any other two year old on the planet!
 Best buddies with her big brother, and getting ready to evacuate for a hurricane on her third birthday!
 Excited to turn four!
 Celebrating Princess Sofia-style on her fifth birthday!

We are so excited to spend our day celebrating this sweet, funny, smart, caring little girl on Monday!  Happy Birthday, Reesie Piecey!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Busch Gardens: Trip One

We went to Busch Gardens two weeks ago (and again this week).

I'm just posting a few photos that basically speak for themselves...

And that's about all I've got.

Camp with the Tides!

We received an email from Wyatt's baseball league a few months ago about a camp opportunity with the Norfolk Tides.

We wasted no time signing him up. He was so excited to play on the field at Harbor Park!
He's out there somewhere.
Fielding grounders.
And throwing them back.

This player kept telling him to hustle.  Wyatt overthrew the ball and he made him go get it.  And he was (is) soooo slow.  
So he had to run to the dugout and back.  
And the Tides' player keep yelling at him to keep his arms at his side and run!

They got to field balls off the wall.
And I laughed hysterically when I saw this picture of a bunch of kids gathered around a beer sign.  Awesome.
Wyatt was excited to see the dugout and the batting cages! It was such a fun experience for these kids to get to play on a big league field.
But this week it's back to the pint sized ball fields!  Baseball season is back!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Another Week of Swim Lessons

One of my favorite things about August is the switch to evening swim lessons.

It frees up our mornings, we don't have to rush to get out of the house, AND the classes always seem smaller.  So the kids get more one on one time with their instructors! 

Hudson had has the same teacher several times this summer.  I'm sure she claims him because of this super cute smile.  He is the sweetest!
 One thing that I loved about Wyatt's lessons was that it was definitely more of a workout!  He had to swim a BUNCH of laps, and they made him practice all of his strokes and kicks.  If this kid wasn't already so busy, I would look into a swim team for him this winter.  I think that weekly trips to the Y pool are now on our winter agenda!  Laps for the two oldest!
 You can't wear goggles until you get to Station 5.  This kid definitely wore them as his "badge of being big" all summer!
 She loves hanging on the ropes.  Or sitting on the ledge?  You're at swim lessons, girl!  Stay in the pool!
 Waving to Hudson.
 Wyatt got to work on diving.
 I took this picture of Reese because it says everything about her perfectionist tendencies.  When she is swimming, she listens quietly while the coach tells her how to fix her stroke, and then she methodically puts it into practice.  It was most apparent when she was working on the Crawl!
 Hudson is getting to be quite the floater - at swim lessons.  I tried to get him to practice with me, and let's just say, he wanted nothing to do with that.
 I can hardly believe that baby sister is going to be joining them in lessons next summer.  What in the world will I do with a free half hour while I sit by the pool?
 Yeah, he won't even jump to me.  Apparently we have some trust issues.
At their first round of evening lessons, Reese managed to pass Station 3!  Both boys are still working hard to get their stickers, but I think they're in two pretty hard stations!
And Finley spent her time chowing down on some Yogurt Melts and yelling at the teen swim team.  "Goooooooo! Goooooo! Gooooooooo!"  It was pretty funny to watch her yell!

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Little More Tee Ball

Hudson has had the best time playing tee ball at the Y this summer.  I love that it's first thing in the morning on Saturdays, so Brian could easily work coaching him into his schedule.  I know he didn't want to miss that experience with Hudson!
 He is definitely in the running for one of the cutest little boys I've ever seen play tee ball.  He's obviously in a tie with this his big brother.  Sigh.  Little Wyatt.

 He's got a pretty strong swing.  You can tell he spends LOTS of time watching his older siblings play.  
It's almost time for the big kids to start their sports seasons again!  Reese is pretty determined to stick with tee ball, and Wyatt is going to play baseball and soccer again this fall.  He's super excited to be on the same soccer team as last spring!

I just looked at the date and realized it's August 11th!  In three weeks school will be starting AND I'll have a six year old girl, too!  Time.  Slow down a bit.  Seriously!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Waterpark Fun

Digging way back to the beginning of July when we went to visit Brian at work.  His parents had a cabana for the day, so we met up with them and spent the entire day hanging out at the waterpark!

They walked in and made a mad dash for the activity pool!  Reese is now 48 inches, so she can ride everything in the park - and she's a little braver than her big brother.
Love this action shot of Wyatt coming out of the bamboo shoots!
Reese has no fear on the Cliff Slides.
But she also loves the kids' section - I love that she's so adventurous, but she's still a little girl at heart.
Finley absolutely loved her first real trip to "Daddy work."  She had a blast riding the slides with Mimi and Baba.  She has grown to LOVE the water this summer!
While Hudson and FQB spent the majority of their day in the kiddie section with Brian's parents, I had these two with me on the bigger slides all day. They loved Jungle Falls and Largo Loop, and even the Adventure River.  They need to start taking responsibility for their own tubes, though.  I was worn out from the trek up the stairs!
Little Amazon pro with Mimi!
He is so silly about these slides (and water in general).  He spends half of his time protesting, and then he loves it when he finally tries!  I'm just thankful that he got over his swim lesson aversion after two weeks.

The kids had the best time riding down Largo Loop.  Reese and Wyatt took turns riding down in the double tube with me.

And I took Hudson down once.  He is the cutest.  He shouted about how awesome it was, and then he broke out into the "Everything is Awesome" song from the Lego movie.  He was so excited to be one of the "big kids" and slide down, too!
They were begging for slushes before we left, and I totally caved.  We've been back to the park a few times this summer, and they love it.

I guess if you can overlook Brian's crazy long summer hours, it's a pretty awesome job for a Dad to have!   But I am counting down the days until September.  I am ready to have him back with us on the weekends - even if it means that our entire Saturday is spent going back and forth from soccer to baseball.