Sunday, January 25, 2015

2014 In Review!

I figured it would be fun to do a little review of some of our 2014 "highlights." 

January: Our New Year started off with stitches after Hudson fell down the stairs.  He was such a brave kid while we were in the ER, and he recovered quickly.  And then it started to snow.  And snow.  And snow.  The kids missed a lot of school, but Wyatt did still have basketball!

February: It was a somber month that included Brian selling his Jeep.  No one was very happy about that little fact, but I will say that Brian having space for more than one kid in his car has made a world of difference for me!  We visited the aquarium, and went to Richmond for Mason's third birthday party.

March: Spring sports were back!  Wyatt played soccer and baseball, and Reese started her first season of t-ball.  Wyatt continued taking ice skating lessons,  and he also turned SEVEN!

April: We celebrated Wyatt's birthday with his friendsHudson and Reese each had their Spring programs at school (Reese's last program of preschool).  We spent Spring Break dying Easter Eggs, and running a 5K, and the Easter Bunny brought their baskets.  And Finley was our family MVP with most time spent in a stroller watching her siblings play sports!

May: Wyatt tried out for and made the All Star Team, we had a really fun Mother's Day weekend, and Wyatt and Reese both got the game ball at baseball.  We went to see the Big Duck when it was at the local art museum, and the kids and I found a fun way to kick off summer.

June: Baseball season ended for Reese, but our well rounded girl kicked off her cleats for tap shoes and ballet slippers for her spring recital.  Wyatt had so much fun at his first Field Day, and then school was out for summer
July: I retired from the blog while we shuffled Wyatt all over the region for his All Star tournament.  We were thankful that the big tournament was at our fields!  His team had a really fun party to celebrate their season! Hudson started his first (much anticipated) baseball season at the YSwimming lessons are a summer staple, and it was fun to watch Wyatt and Reese get into "real strokes" this summer.  We also had a fun visit to the waterpark!
August: There was swimming.  There was more tee ball.  And more swimming lessons.  The kids and I had many adventures getting out of the house. Wyatt went to a really fun baseball camp with the Tides.  We went to Busch Gardens. Everyone got ready to go back to school. And Reese turned SIX!
September: The kids went to back to school on the same day that Finley turned twoWyatt, Reese, and Hudson started fall ball, and we found a little time to go to Busch Gardens with the cousins!
October: I didn't blog much, so I threw almost everything together in one post (including Wyatt's entire soccer season.  Oops).  Hudson had his Pumpkin Patch Parade at school, and we went Trick or Treating!
November: Hudson turned four and had a really fun party at the zoo! We voted, Hudson got his first Phonics book, and Reesie's Reflection entry got her first place!  We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families. We also went to the Military Aviation Museum to see the Planes and Trains!
December: After rushing around like a mad woman for the first week of the month, we spent 8 days at the Happiest Place on Earth!  We made it home in time for Hudson's program and Wyatt and Reese's class parties!  And Santa came!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hudson's Christmas Program

We got back from Disney World on Sunday, December 14th.  On Monday, the 15th, Hudson's class had their Christmas program - one of the biggest reasons we left early was because we knew there was no way to add any days on at the end of the trip - we didn't want Hudson to miss his program and party.
I had him tell me that songs he was singing, and then Reese helped him remember the words while we were on vacation.  She's such a teacher!
 The grand finale was "Feliz Navidad," as usual.  Wyatt and Reese helped Hudson with the Spanish.  Not because they speak Spanish, but because they have years of experience with Christmas programs! 
 I don't think this boy came down from a sugar high the entire month! 
 He and his friend Noah had matching Christmas shirts.  Because Christmas is awesome! He has the sweetest group of friends at school.  He would flip out if he found out that I called them sweet.  Because they're not sweet, they are cool boys.  But he loves his friends Noah and Fletcher and Mason.  I'm so glad some of them are staying together for Pre-K next year! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

School Excitement

It's already January and I haven't done any school updates!  I shared in November that Reesie entered the Reflections contest at school.  The theme this year was "The world would be a better place if..." 

Her teacher called me in November to tell me that our kindergartner girl won first place for art!  I was so excited to call Brian and tell him, but I had to keep it a secret from Reese!  Brian was also in Florida the week of the ice cream party, so he had to miss it (actually, he missed all of these things). Fortunately I recorded the moment she found out she won, and sent it to him immediately. Reese was so surprised, and we are so proud of her! 
The Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast was also that week.  I was lucky enough to sit with Reese, Emma, and their friend Hanna.

 Me and my girl chowing down on Thanksgiving food!
Hudson also brought home his first Phonics book that week!  He was so excited.  Reese was explaining to him that he had to get his Phonics book and write his letters, and then he will get his first reader.  He is already trying to read like the big kids.  He brought his math book home right after Christmas break.  I can't believe he will be in Pre-K next year (thanks to his November birthday)!
All three of the big kids with their first Phonics books!  Wyatt was 4 and half, Reese was almost 4, and Hudson got his the week after he turned 4!
Wyatt' also had his big second grade field trip to Jamestown that week - it was a crazy week!  I wish I had a picture of him in his class shirt before they left - but the girls all voted for a pink shirt, and he refuses to be photographed in pink.  Boys!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Disney World Day 8: The Magic Kingdom

If you're actually reading this, you're probably thinking, "Finally!  She's almost done talking about her trip!"  Sorry, but we're finally down to our last day.
I hate the last day.  I hate it so much.  Because I totally agree with my kids.  It would be really, really fun to live at Disney World! 

 We had a few more characters that we needed to meet.  And if you look at Finley's face, you'll see her excitement about finally meeting Donald Duck.  She is obsessed with that guy!
 We went to visit Mickey, and for the first time ever, he TALKED to them.  You can see the pure joy on Wyatt's face.  He was so excited!
 And so was Hudson!

 We took one last ride on Space Mountain.
We stopped to visit with Merida.

Hugs included!
Peter Pan cracked these kids up.  The boys thought he was hysterical!  He picked up Reese's autograph book full of princess pictures. and kept pointing and saying, "EW! Girl!  Are they kissing?  Oh gross!"

Then he offered to have a "falling on the floor" contest with the kids.  He won!  Ha!
 We stopped at the sword in the stone so that they could try to reenact Wyatt's great feat of 2008.  Unfortunately, there was no movement this time!
Brian managed to get us an early reservation for Be Our Guest for dinner.  The lunch was so good, and we figured it wouldn't hurt to ask about dinner! We were able to sit right by the windows with snow falling, and it was a great experience.  I honestly preferred the food at lunch, but it was still really fun!  And we were able to meet the Beast after our meal!
 After dinner we rode a few more rides - but the park had gotten really crowded and wait times were ridiculous!  We went on the People Mover one last time - it really is one of everyone's favorite rides!
We stopped on the way out to take a few more pictures and pick up a few packages.  Brian was able to take these from the train platform on Main Street/
I always like to stop and take one last look at the park before we leave.  It really is the most magical place on earth!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Disney World Day 7: Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney

We had a great time on our first visit to Hollywood Studios, but we still had a lot we wanted to do - especially since it's also the land of Disney Junior!
The kids wanted to meet Pluto.  Especially Finley.  Look at that face!
And the "We're meeting Pluto" dance!

No visit to Hollywood Studio is complete without a friendly Toy Story mania competition.
I love that ride!  I don't know what it is about it.  Just arcade-y and fun!
We decided to stop and visit with Buzz and Woody.  The boys were wearing their "Toy to the World" shirts, so it seemed appropriate.
We are huge Toy Story fans - all of us!  I still love watching this video of Wyatt acting out the beginning of Toy Story 2!
Wandering Oaken's Trading Post closed not long after our visit, but we stopped there to do some Frozen shopping, and the kids wanted to play in the snow!
And we got our pictures taken with Anna and Elsa - score!
We went to see Disney Junior Live on Stage, and then we stopped to say hi to our favorite characters.  I just have to say that I wish Doc was available without having to do the character meal.  We love Sofia and Jake, but Doc is one of our favs, too!

We stopped for one more ride on Star Tours.  We rode first thing that morning, and Wyatt was the Rebel Spy.  On their final ride of our trip, Hudson was the chosen Rebel Spy.  He was SO excited to tell me when they were finished.  Brian even stopped to buy him and "I am the Rebel Spy" shirt to announce his success!

Three very happy rebel spies!
We left the park pretty early and thought we could just take the bus from Hollywood Studios to Downtown Disney - because that would make sense, right?  Not having to go back to our resort first?  Yeah, there are no buses to Downtown Disney at the park.  And we didn't find that out until we'd waited 30 minutes for a bus (there are signs that say "Downtown Disney" - those just go to the non-Disney hotels.  Ugh.).

When we finally made it to the resort bus loop, Hudson decided to use The Force to get the bus to come to our stop!
Once we finally made it to Downtown Disney, we had to immediately stop to get this guy's picture taken with Pooh!  It's tradition!  I can't believe how much he's grown!

We managed to get into the T-Rex restaurant pretty quickly, but it was still a pretty late dinner for the kids!  They didn't mind though - they were eating next to a T-Rex!

Hudson was obviously mesmerized by the meteor shower!  It is a fun (expensive!) experience for the kids.  At least we made it out without building Dinosaurs this time!

After dinner the kids were exhausted.  We had some Christmas shopping that we needed to do, so Brian stayed at Downtown Disney to shop while his parents and I went back to the hotel with the kids.  Hudson was passed out, Finley was antsy, and the bus was packed. But we made it back and I got them in bed to rest for our final day.  Brian was at Downtown Disney until eleven, but at least he made a dent in our Christmas shopping!