Thursday, August 20, 2015

Backyard Baseball: The Photoshoot

I already blogged about the beginning of our backyard baseball session, but I figured I would throw in  some from the end (they're my favorites)!

Most of them speak for themselves.

I LOVE this one!

I'm really not sure why this open mouthed smile is Wyatt's new thing.

Hudson got hurt somehow. Wyatt stepped in to comfort him - he is "all boy," but he can be very loving and sweet!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reese's 7th Birthday Party

Last year I totally dropped the ball Reese didn't have a birthday party.    Partially because I tend to get overwhelmed over the summer, but also because we just couldn't figure out a good place to have a party!  We started looking for places in June, and found this neat art studio and booked a party - and then she went to a birthday party there last month!  She had a blast, so we knew she would love her party!

Everyone (including Daddy - he was making a unicorn for Finley) got their own canvas to paint!  Reese chose a unicorn canvas - they gave the girls their colors, and followed it up with step by step instructions.

They had each seat set up with aprons for the girls.  Reese was excited to sit next to her cousin, Sophie!

You know you had an amazing Kindergarten teacher when she comes to your birthday party!  Reese said she wanted to invite Ms. Burton, and I jokingly told her at the Y one day - and she came!  Reesie was so surprised, and all the girls that were in her class gathered for a picture.  Hard to believe that they'll be in First Grade in three weeks!!!
Reesie with her friends Madison, Emma, and Julia!
Her birthday cake was her choice.  In fact, I left most of the elements of her party up to her.  I could pin 8 million things and go back through them to have a Pinteresty-party...but all she really wanted were plates, etc. in a rainbow of colors, pizza, and a rainbow cake (inside) with pink and purple frosting.  I make the cake and frosted it, and she did the decorating!
She really wanted to open her gifts at her party (I feel like that hardly every happens now), and it was so sweet to see her friends gather around so excited to watch her open the presents!
Reesie and Daddy in their painting aprons!
The whole group with their unicorns!
And Brian and Reese with their masterpieces :).

She had SO much fun - this party was definitely worth it!  I can't believe that this girl is going to be seven years old next week!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Little Things

In some ways July seemed super slooooooooow (that's what happens when your husband's busy season is while school is out), but it also moved pretty quickly and we had lots of fun!

Hudson was having a LONG day, and he went to put his pajamas on around 5:30.  And then he fell asleep.
While Hudson was passed out on the bedroom floor, Wyatt and Brian were at the baseball field fulfilling our volunteer quota for All Stars.  Brian kept score, and Wyatt and his friend helped with the field prep.  Wyatt also likes announcing the games!
Finley got ready to go to work with Daddy one day!  Well, obviously she's too little, but who doesn't love a matching uniform!
This is what our front window looks like when Brian leaves for work in the morning.  LONG days, and all five of these kids count down until he'll be back home!
The All Star team celebrated the end of the season with a big pool party.  12 boys hanging out in a pool tends to make things a little crazy!
We went to the zoo, and Finley managed to walk the entire place!
With some help from her big brother..
It was very hot, so the giraffes were still inside when we got to their section.

Brian and Wyatt went to a Tides game with friends, and Wyatt managed to snag a foul ball.
We have dubbed this summer, "The Summer of Speed."  Wyatt has been running sprints in the backyard almost everyday in an effort to speed him up.  He has camp this week, and Brian said that his base running last night was the fastest he's ever seen him run!
Steph, Natalie and Baby Dave were visiting from California, and we all met up at the water park. These girls had lots of fun!
And these two loved their slushes!

Reesie got a gift card to Barnes and Noble for being the top AR reader in Kindergarten.  She was thrilled to buy her own books on the trip!  She's very focused on reading chapter books.  
We went to the Children's Museum with Derek and Sophie.  Hudson really got into the cash register! I love that there is really something to interest all of them at the museum.  They get into everything, and the time goes by so quickly while they're moving from place to place.
The boys and girls ran in two different directions once we got to the motorcycle and fire truck.

Hudson and his best buddy "Jete-Jete."
Finley needed to get her picture taken with this dolphin on her way out of the doctor's office.  VB has these dolphins painted by artists all over the city.  It's pretty fun to spot them and take pictures with them while we're out and about!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Reesie at the Tides Clinic

When we signed Reese up for the clinic, we weren't entirely sure that she would want to go.  She can be hit or miss at times about baseball - she LOVES to play, but she isn't thrilled when she's surrounded by boys.  We have spent a lot of time over the last few weeks discussing the upcoming fall season, and whether she wants to play baseball or softball.  I think that she really would love to try baseball, but the fact that there are only boys playing is really holding her back!

I just can't believe that she's old enough to be pitched to now!  Fortunately for her, she found another little girl to hang out with at camp.
Brian said that they were constantly on the hunt for water and they were probably the two thirstiest people there.
She went through the same drills that Wyatt did.
She loved the pink eye "black" that they handed out.

And then they had to run!  She told me that she's pretty sure that she was the fastest person at the camp...she might be right!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wyatt at the Tides Clinic

Wyatt had so much fun last summer at the Norfolk Tides clinic, and we decided to sign both of the big kids up for the clinic this summer.  Brian took about 80 million pictures, so I figured I would split the pictures up between the two kids!  Ha!

Wyatt ended up in a group with his cousin, and he had the best time!  Here they are talking baseball like a couple of pros.
They got to practice fielding with the players.

Gunning it!
Wyatt explains this story better than I can, but to get this ball he backed up and then ran forward, and ended up making a diving catch to get it.

He said that once he stood up and threw the ball back the player hummed the ESPN jingle at him.  He said that he was pretty sure he would have made the highlights if it was real baseball.  Ha!
 In this drill that had to practice flipping the ball to the player at second.
Got it!
By far the highlight for this boy was going to the batting cages.  They are under the bleachers, so he thought that he was big time!  Ha!

The Tides are the Triple A affiliate for the Orioles, and the players are so good with the kids!  I think that the kids really love the combination of meeting "real" baseball players and being able to experience the "behind the scenes" lifestyle of the ballpark.  It really is just a great experience!